Successful 14th edition of Victor Super Stars International Camp

Most – A successful 14th edition of Victor Super Stars Most International Training Camp, has come to end a few days ago, with all the players going back home with positive memories and experiences.

72 players from 10 different countries came together in the badminton training centre in the Czech city of Most, which is only 1hr away from Prague.  Players from Czech Republic, Malta, Italy, India, Latvia, Croatia, China, Germany, Slovakia and Ireland met up with 8 coaches/organisers, also from different countries, with the aim of doing a lot of hard work during this week.

Players were split in 4 groups, according to their skill level.  Training was spread over 3 daily sessions, so each group had two badminton court sessions and one other additional sport/fitness activity like Schwinn cycling, Crossfit, Fitbox, swimming pool and athletic sessions.  These sessions contribute towards the preparation of the players’ physical condition and also serve as a break from the badminton courts.

Indian coach Mr. Sudhakar Reddy Gujjula, who led the group of coaches with his invaluable experience, and Italian coach Mr. Csaba Hamza had some very challenging training sessions prepared.  Whilst Mr Reddy focused more on the routine and endurance side of the game together with consistency, Mr Hamza, from Italy, gave a touch of improving technique and footwork on court, plus some mental training too.  Ms. Erika Stich from Italy prepared sessions for the younger players in training groups three and four, where focus is mainly on the right technique progressing to adding footwork and game situations.  Two Maltese coaches Rodney Abela and Patrick Cassar prepared exciting athletic sessions for all 4 groups of athletes.  They also actively assisted Mr Reddy and Mr Hamza during their training programmes.

Czech Republic coaches were represented by coaches Lukas Kroc and Martina Krocova, head coaches of Super Stars Most badminton club and well-known project Lukas Kroc Badminton Academy. Veronika Brozkovcova worked with them as an assistant coach.  She also contributed to the organisation of the camp to ensure it is run in a very smooth manner.

The annual appointment, Camp Cup 2018, was again organised mid-week to serve as a break from the training routines and also to give players a chance to mix up and get to know each other better.  This is a doubles tournament where all players, are paired up with a partner, in their respective groups.  All the participants played Top level games and were held in a very friendly atmosphere.  The excellent coaching team made sure good results were obtained, together with the satisfaction of all participants.  We would also like to thank Badminton Malta, who helped with the organisation of the tournament.

Camp Cup 2018 results

Ratings from players

“I have been to many camps in the Czech Republic, but by far this is the best.  It is well organised, you get to do all varieties of training, other activities, people are friendly and willing to share their badminton knowledge with you, something I have not experienced anywhere else.”

“I have been attending this camp for a few years now, and always make it a point to attend.  It is a vital part of my preparation for the next season.   I definitely recommend anyone to come and try”

“Even though all 3 daily sessions are very hard, and make us exhausted at the end of the day, I will not miss out on this camp.  Every year I experience new training and make new friends from different parts of the world”.

“This is my first time here, and will definitely not be the last.  The camp is very challenging but very fruitful.  I have definitely filled my badminton luggage with more training knowledge and have loads to work on when I get back home

“I have really enjoyed the camp and have learned lots. I would love to come back again next year and will highly recommend this camp to other players”

“Thank you very much for great training camp. Very good coaches and organizing team, very interesting trainings and so many friendly players. I can recommend this camp to all players. I will be back next year for sure.”

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Next year will be the 15th edition of the Super Stars Most International Training camp.  Dates are already set 17th August 2019 – 24th August 2019.  So, do not miss, mark your calendars right now, because this will be a special edition.